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2007 Boys Soccer
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Division I-South
First Team
Brett Uttley, North Kingstown
Ben Nadeau, North Kingstown
Justin O'Connor, North Kingstown
Billy Zile, North Kingstown
Ross McWilliams, South Kingstown
Greg Dwyer, South Kingstown
Matt Floskis, South Kingstown
Brad Borsay, Chariho
Sean Banker, Chariho
Mike Beckman, Coventry
Alex Nahigian, Coventry

Second Team
Russell Danksis, North Kingstown
Tom Laferriere, North Kingstown
Nick Ferranti, North Kingstown
Ryan Stone, South Kingstown
Adam Irzyk, South Kingstown
Dan Sheidon, South Kingstown
Ben Algeire, Chariho
Colby Gallup, Chariho
Nick Dubee, Chariho
Chris Griswold, Coventry
Jeff Kent, Coventry

Honorable Mention
Colin Taggart, North Kingstown
Dan Higgins, South Kingstown
Andrew Moldanado, Chariho
Ryan Rasielski, Coventry

Division I-Central
First Team
Ben Mello, La Salle
Justin Resendes, La Salle
Eric Neves, La Salle
Will Von Noppen, La Salle
Joao Moreno, Hope
Matthew Wento, Hope
Juan Velez, Hope
Daniel Cooper, Hendricken
Liam Treacy, Hendricken
David Duffney, Toll Gate
Brad Clark, Toll Gate

Second Team
David Scorpio, La Salle
Phillip Chabot, La Salle
Matt Minese, La Salle
Aloysius Togbah, Hope
Ricardo Zuniga, Hope
Victor Garcia, Hope
Vincent DeCesare, Hendricken
Kyle Ricci, Hendricken
Ricardo McLean, Bishop Hendricken
Nicholas Archer, Toll Gate
Sean Silvia, Toll Gate

Honorable Mention
Joe DellaSanta, La Salle
Michael Bong, Hope
Philip Benz, Hendricken
Corey Duffney, Toll Gate

Division I-East
First Team
Evan Poitras, Portsmouth
Ryan Westmoreland, Portsmouth
Sean Maguire, Portsmouth
Matt Guerrera, Portsmouth
Turner Davis, Barrington
Ian McGarty, Barrington
Matthew Valles, Barrington
Joseph Benevides, Mt. Hope
Christopher Serpa, Mt. Hope
Eddy Dias, East Providence
Tyler Almeida, East Providence

Second Team
Jared Winston, Portsmouth
Marcus Josefsson, Portsmouth
Zach Lyons, Portsmouth
Jonathan Osman, Barrington
Kevin Giron, Barrington
Brett Sullivan, Barrington
Troy Silvia, Mt. Hope
Jason Medeiros, Mt. Hope
Matthew Mello, Mt. Hope
Kevin Cabral, East Providence
Maxwell Osei, East Providence

Honorable Mention
Eric Sisson, Portsmouth
Jeffrey Craven, Barrington
Wayne Zina, Mt. Hope
Brandon Sousa, East Providence

Division I-North
First Team
Jesse Poon, Cumberland
Jordan Dembishack, Cumberland
Joshua Robison, Cumberland
Alex Coelho, Cumberland
Steven Patino, Central Falls
Bryan Ocampo, Central Falls
Jason Pita, Central Falls
Kevin Poirier, Mount St. Charles
Ryan Kennedy, Mount St. Charles
Prince Artey, Woonsocket
Brian Mullett, Woonsocket

Second Team
David Sak, Cumberland
Eric Schultheis, Cumberland
Jason Oliveira, Cumberland
Ruben Martins, Central Falls
Jorge Carillo, Central Falls
Luis Ardila, Central Falls
Paul Archambault, Mount St. Charles
John Guay, Mount St. Charles
Timothy Coffey, Mount St. Charles
Damian Bialonczyk, Woonsocket
Amadu Leigh, Woonsocket

Honorable Mention
Paul Silva, Cumberland
Milton Ricuarte, Central Falls
James Huling, Mount St. Charles
Chris Melanson, Mount St. Charles
Michael Phommachanh, Woonsocket

Division II-North
First Team
Pedro Alves, Shea
Patrick Araujo, Shea
Silvino Lopes, Shea
Jose Ramos, Shea
Wilder Arboleda, Tolman
Hady Coumbassia, Tolman
Ross LeClaire, Tolman
Marc Tortolani, Smithfield
Daniel Kennedy, Smithfield
Nick Corsi, North Providence
Kevin Debrito, North Providence

Second Team
Klisman Monteiro, Shea
Alexander Andrade, Shea
Christopher Lopes, Shea
Hubert Cuello, Tolman
Felix Nava, Tolman
Giovanni Osorio, Tolman
Devin Richard, Smithfield
Adam Feragne, Smithfield
Jared Moreau, Smithfield
Vinny Gianfrancesco, North Providence
Jay Connors, North Providence

Honorable Mention
Hernan Salas, Shea
Derek Soares, Tolman
Roger Cazeault, Smithfield
James McClurg, North Providence

Division II-South
First Team
Tory Meneses, Middletown
Andrew Snell, Middletown
James Tollefson, Middletown
Ryan Blass, Middletown
Scott Paradise, East Greenwich
Chris Gagne, East Greenwich
Bummi Familioni, East Greenwich
Kevin Sherman, Westerly
Andrew Springer, Westerly
Michael Connery, Narragansett
Mark Bolster, Narragansett

Second Team
Keenan Thayer, Middletown
David Carvalho, Middletown
Jeremiah O'Connor, Middletown
Robert Keene, East Greenwich
James Kerin, East Greenwich
Scott Douglas, East Greenwich
Zachary Hollingshead, Westerly
Jason Muir, Westerly
Jason Croteau, Westerly
Zachary Lindley, Narragansett
Dan Iannucci, Narragansett

Honorable Mention
Andres Barber, Middletown
Franklin McCaffrey, East Greenwich
Ryan Wilcox, Westerly
Nate Patterson, Narragansett

Division II-West
First Team
Adrian Blackadar, Pilgrim
Robert King, Pilgrim
Jacob Ferry, Pilgrim
Nikolas Deguilio, Pilgrim
Adam Loiacono, Cranston West
Matt Chianesi, Cranston West
Ben Hines, Cranston West
Rudy Barrios, Cranston East
Neftali Santes, Cranston East
James Lineberger, Warwick Vets
Mike Iadevaia, Warwick Vets

Second Team
Mark Butler, Pilgrim
Joshua Demers, Pilgrim
Ivan Antunes, Pilgrim
John Petitpas, Cranston West
Tony Habchi, Cranston West
Nick Medici, Cranston West
Eddy Urizar, Cranston East
J.T. Madonna, Cranston East
Justin Dimaio, Cranston East
Matt Blanchette, Warwick Vets
Andrew McGarry, Warwick Vets

Honorable Mention
Mike Dandarand, Pilgrim
Kevin Patrizio, Cranston West
Jamie Lacey, Cranston East
Dereck Paolantonio, Warwick Vets

Division II-Central
First Team
Wilfred Ghanyea, Mount Pleasant
Gerson Ventura, Mount Pleasant
Bryant Carrillo, Mount Pleasant
Felix Perez, Mount Pleasant
Prince Tahyor, Central
Dilson Xon, Central
Cyrus Kerbay, Central
Bruno Canido, Classical
Andres Mazo, Classical
Ryan Almonte, Scituate
Ian Panzica, Scituate

Second Team
Carlos Mayen, Mount Pleasant
Jesus Sanchez, Mount Pleasant
Mark Karmue, Mount Pleasant
Ruben Torres, Central
Tab Kerby, Central
Randall Kar, Central
Roberto Ramirez, Classical
Daniel Estrada, Classical
Barry Cohen, Classical
Eric Papa, Scituate
Dan Rivard, Scituate

Honorable Mention
Eduardo Castro, Mount Pleasant
Cortez Keith, Classical
Pat Almonte, Scituate

Division III-North
First Team
Ben Ethier, North Smithfield
Thomas Denomme, North Smithfield
Derek Sullivan, North Smithfield
Jacob McCall, Lincoln
Matt D'Amelio, Lincoln
Patrick Belisle, Burrilville
Ryan Selman, Burrilville
Matt Kennelly, Ponaganset
Ben Jackson, Ponaganset

Second Team
Taylor Briggs, North Smithfield
Eric D'Agostino, North Smithfield
Bryan Richard, Lincoln
Justin Florio, Lincoln
Corey Martone, Lincoln
Josh Atchue, Burrilville
Josh Keeling, Burrilville
Bryce Connors, Ponaganset

Honorable Mention
Brandan Barry, North Smithfield
T.J. Balkum, Lincoln
Brian Bailey-Gates, Burrillville
Jordan Dreier, Ponaganset

Division III-South
First Team
Andrew Menard, Prout
Mike Jacome, Prout
Jordan Brown, Prout
Tommy Duarte, Tiverton
Jackson Zebzda, Tiverton
Nick Audette, Exeter/West Greenwich
Isham Picillo, Exeter/West Greenwich
Timothy Chapman, Rogers
David Vieira, Rogers
James Melfi, Fatima

Second Team
Steve Enright, Prout
James Helma, Prout
Mark-Ryan Mello, Tiverton
Sean Kinnane, Tiverton
Sean Newbury, Tiverton
Ben Ricci, Exeter/West Greenwich
Reid Brackenbury, Exeter/West Greenwich
Alex Renshaw, Rogers
Roderick Jones, Fatima
Rob Croteau, Fatima

Honorable Mention
Chris Cocci, Prout
Peter Racine, Tiverton
John McDonough, Exeter/West Greenwich
Caleb Chase, Rogers

Division III-Central
First Team
Alexander Patch, Moses Brown
Matthew Brady, Moses Brown
David Shippee, Moses Brown
Edmundo Marciano, West Warwick
Nathan Panicuci, West Warwick
Helder Rodrigues, Davies
Seide Richemond, Davies
Yair Correa, St. Raphael
John Dougan, St. Raphael
Josh Rogers, Johnston

Second Team
Dylan Rankin, Moses Brown
Ian Deveau, Moses Brown
Matt Deblois, West Warwick
Doug Roch, West Warwick
Rich Lizotte, West Warwick
Raymond Munoz, Davies
David Fernandes, Davies
Steven Montoya, St. Raphael
Yamir Alkihamy, Johnston
Sean Reilly, Johnston

Honorable Mention
Peter Elliot, Moses Brown
Ryan Healey, West Warwick
Kevin Avalos, Davies
Steven Montoya, St. Raphael
Nour Alkihamy, Johnston


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