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R.I. Slow Pitch Softball Coaches Association All Division


Class A South
First Team
Pitcher - Gina Lepizzera, Cranston East
Infield - Kerry Koch, Toll Gate
Infield - Debbie Menard, Toll Gate
Infield - Chris Morehead, Toll Gate
Infield - Lora Backus, Coventry
Infield - Donna MacLachlan, Coventry
Outfield - Lori Keenan, North Kingstown
Outfield - Michelle Rawcliffe, Warwick
Outfield - Dawn Manchester, Pilgrim
Outfield - Haila Savage, Chariho

Extra - Kim Kennedy, North Kingstown

Second Team
Pitcher - Amy Lombardi, Cranston East
Infield - Sherri Boisvert, Toll Gate

Infield - Margie Lobaton, Toll Gate
Infield - Heather Skorski, Coventry

Infield - Maureen Monk, Coventry
Infield - Kelly Raws, North Kingstown
Outfield - Lynn Matera, Warwick Vets
Outfield - Kerri Hocking, Warwick Vets
Outfield - Michelle Lajoie, Pilgrim
Outfield - Audra Flint, Chariho
Extra - Kim Paine, North Kingstown

Third Team
Pitcher - Jill Sullivan, Cranston East
Infield - Alison Walsh, Toll Gate
Infield - Lisa Denton, Coventry
Infield - Morry Opeikun, Coventry
Infield - Sue Spearman, North Kingstown
Infield - Nichole Albert, North Kingstown
Outfield - Jennifer Izzo, Warwick Vets
Outfield - Karen Stahowiak, Pilgrim
Outfield - Gina Delucia, Pilgrim
Outfield - Kim Blanchette, Chariho
Extra - Kerri Ruggieri, Warwick Vets

Class A North
First Team
Pitcher - Kris Marianetti, La Salle
Infield - Jodi Aissis, Smithfield
Infield - Diane Russas, Smithfield
Infield - Becky Holden, Smithfield

Infield - Lisa Gelsomino, Johnston
Infield - Missy Martinelli, Johnston
Outfield - Jennifer Ernst, Bay View
Outfield - Karri Alexion, Woonsocket
Outfield - Jessica Hebert, Burrillville
Outfield - Maryanne Perry, Portsmouth
Extra - Meredith Mulhern, Bay View

Second Team

Pitcher - Jen Iamarone, La Salle
Infield - Colleen Reilly, Smithfield

Infield - Jessica Countie, Smithfield
Infield - Tanya Delfino, Johnston
Infield - Joanne Morelli, Johnston

Infield - Karen Emma, Bay View
Outfield - Angela Bastein, Woonsocket
Outfield - Christina Rondeau, Woonsocket
Outfield - Erin Potter, Burrillville
Outfield - Anne Carroll, Portsmouth
Extra - Lisa Mannuppelli, Bay View

Third Team
Pitcher - Glenna Ryan, La Salle
Infield - Pam Dingley, Smithfield
Infield - Deanne Manchester Smithfield
Infield - Julie DiGregorio, Johnston
Infield - Jennifer Holtmann, Johnston
Infield - Kerin Royds, Bay View
Outfield - Laurie Dumas, Woonsocket
Outfield - Chrysta Bock, Woonsocket
Outfield - Lynn Gautreau, Burrillville
Outfield - Maggie Phelan, Portsmouth
Extra - Elizabeth Alia, Bay View

Class B One
First Team
Pitcher - Martin Lorie, North Smithfield

Infield - Heather McDougall Westerly
Infield - Sue Morrone, Westerly

Infield - Melissa Herlihy, Westerly
Infield - Becky Hayes, South Kingstown

Infield - Patty Lewis, South Kingstown
Outfield - Kerry Lang, Scituate
Outfield - Michelle Burgoyne, Lincoln
Outfield - Nicole Paquette, Lincoln
Outfield - Margie Kelnor, Ponaganset
Extra - Missy Larson, Scituate

Second Team

Pitcher - Tara Lelli, North Smithfield
Infield - Gerah Ventresca, Westerly

Infield - D'ann Hunt, Westerly
Infield - Joy Restelli, Westerly

Infield - Nancy Snow, South Kingstown
Infield - Kate McMahon, South Kingstown
Outfield - Kristy Bryant, Scituate
Outfield - Sandra Mancinelli, Lincoln

Outfield - Erin Silva, Lincoln
Outfield - Robin Lewis, Ponaganset
Extra - Jana Galloway, Scituate

Third Team
Pitcher - Sharon Lefevbre, North Smithfield
Infield - Kerri Felicelli, Westerly
Infield - Kim Schilke, Westerly
Infield - Amy Walker, South Kingstown
Infield - Kim Hazard, South Kingstown
Infield - Krissy Gray, South Kingstown
Outfield - Randi Restor, Scituate
Outfield - Kelly Andrews, Lincoln
Outfield - Kristen Brown, Ponaganset
Outfield - Stephanie Werbe, Ponaganset
Extra - Kris Bowker, Scituate

Class B Two
First Team
Pitcher - Jennifer Speights, Prout
Infield - Michelle Ramos, Bristol  
Infield - Kerry Lanzire, Bristol
Infield - Jennifer Duarte, Bristol

Infield - Cheri Almeida, Bristol
Infield - Lauren Kalifian, Cranston West
Outfield - Jessica Napolitano, Central

Outfield - Yvonne Martin, Central
Outfield - Allison Williams, Tolman
Outfield - Bethany Beauregard Shea

Extra - Lynn Bertolini, Cranston West

Second Team

Pitcher - Crystal Lambert, Shea
Infield - Monica Davis, Bristol

Infield - Elizabeth Bisbano, Bristol
Infield - Alyson Kitchegan, Cranston West
Infield - Lisa Campopiano, Cranston West
Infield - Ida Liberatore, Cranston West

Outfield - Sharon Morris, Central
Outfield - Cheryl Domenici, Tolman

Outfield - Erin Kulaga, Tolman
Outfield - Jennifer Morrell, Prout
Extra - Michelle Young, Central

Third Team
Pitcher - Robin Steele, Prout
Infield - Mary Ann Beauregard Bristol
Infield - Melissa Vargas, Bristol
Infield - Heidi DuPerry, Cranston West
Infield - Dawn Vietro, Cranston West
Infield - Lisa Skerrett, Central
Outfield - Denise Bettencourt, Tolman
Outfield - Sharon Day, Tolman
Outfield - Tara Lambert, Shea
Outfield - Candy Bradshaw, Shea
Extra - Qiana Potter, Central

Class C
First Team
Pitcher - Kerry Duffy, Keough
Infield - Cheryl Moore, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Jennifer Bird, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Joann Lincourt, Mount Pleasant

Infield - Michelle Swallow, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Amy Matos, Fatima
Outfield - Stacia Medina, Warren

Outfield - Cathy Betres, Warren
Outfield - Michaela Kane, St. Xavier
Outfield - Melissa Gagnon, St. Xavier
Extra - Heather Hughes, Fatima

Second Team
Pitcher - Jenifer Walker, Keough
Infield - Stacy Truitt, Mount Pleasant

Infield - Chrissie DeMoranville Mount Pleasant
Infield - Lori Harbough, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Lisa White, Fatima

Infield - Cindy Levesque, Fatima
Outfield - Melanie Callanan, Warren
Outfield - Carrie Hicks, Warren
Outfield - Earlene Laurence, St. Xavier
Outfield - Stacy Charello, Keough
Extra - Sheila DeMedeiros Fatima

Third Team
Pitcher - Jackie Letendre, St. Xavier
Infield - Erica Galasso, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Rita Samos, Mount Pleasant
Infield - Michelle Perrotto, Fatima
Infield - Debbie Cabral, Fatima
Infield - Jane Jannitto, Fatima
Outfield - Joy Jackson, Warren
Outfield - Denise Brimmer, Warren
Outfield - Becky King, Warren
Outfield - Sharon Jacques, St. Xavier
Extra - Kristem Lambert, Keough

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