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2021 Girls Indoor Track Providence Journal All State


Providence Journal
First Team
Middle Distance – Kaylie Armitage, La Salle
Throws – Haley Chartier, Lincoln
Throws – Nicolette Ducharme, Cumberland
Throws – Sophia Gallucci, Coventry
Sprints – Lauren Boyd, Smithfield
Sprints – Jackie Comeau
Sprints – Sadie Souls, North Kingstown
Sprints – Sophia Gorriaran, Moses Brown
Middle Distance – Sophia Gorriaran, Moses Brown
Distance – Reese Fahys, East Greenwich
Middle Distance – Caroline Jankowich, Classical
Jumps – Olaitan Olagundoye, Johnston,
Middle Distance – Rylee Shunney, East Greenwich
Jumps – Brooke Thompson, North Kingstown, North Kingstown
Hurdles – Edie Tomka, La Salle
4x400 Relay – La Salle Julia D’Amico, La Salle
4x400 Relay Catherine Clements, La Salle
4x800 Relay Caroline Cummings, La Salle
4x800 Relay – Caroline Williams, La Salle
4x800 Relay – Moses Brown (Sophia Gorriaran, Kylie Eaton, Natasha Gorriaran, Dea Champlin)

Second team
Sprints – Tess Gagliano, Barrington
Sprints – Ailani Sutherland, Cranston West
Hurdles – Lindsey Hobin, Cranston West
Middle distance – Lily Borin, La Salle
Middle distance – Caroline Cummings, La Salle
Distance – Rachael Mongeau, St. Raphael
Distance – Lucy Noris, Blackstone Valley Prep
Jumps – Dasani Stewart, Pilgrim
Jumps – Margaret Weeden, Chariho
Throws – Noelia Giercia, Juanita Sanchez
Throws – Sarah Ortes, Classical
4x200 relay – Cranston West (Madison Alves, Lindsey Hobin, Quiana Pezza, Ailani Sutherland)
4x400 relay – La Salle (Caroline Cummings, Caroline Clements, Madeline Reynolds, Jordan Teguis)
4x800 relay – Cumberland (Olivia Belt, Bailee Brown, Grace Carr, Elizabeth Pickering)

Rhode Island Track Coaches Association
First Team
High Jump – Olaitan Olagundoye, Johnston
Long Jump – Olaitan Olagundoye, Johnston
Weight Throw – Sophia Gallucci, Coventry
Shot Put – Nicolette Ducharme, Cumberland
55 Hurdles – Edie Tomka, La Salle
55 – Jackie Comeau, La Salle
300 – Sophia Gorriaran, Moses Brown
600 – Rylee Shunney, East Greenwich
1000 – Kaylie Armitage, La Salle
1500 – Sophia Gorriaran, Moses Brown
3000 – Kaylie Armitage, LaSalle Armitage
4x200 Relay – La Salle (Jackie Comeau, Jordan Tequis, Emma Prestage, Madeline Reynolds)
4x400 Relay – Moses Brown (Natasha Gorriaran, Kylie Eaton, Dea Champlin, Sophia Gorriaran)
4x800 Relay – La Salle (Catherine Clements, Julia D’Amico, Caroline Williams, Caroline Cummings)

Second Team
High Jump – Brooke Thompson, North Kingstown
Long Jump – Dasani Stewart, Pilgrim
Weight Throw – Nicolette Ducharme, Cumberland
Shot Put – Hayley Chartier, Lincoln
55 Hurdles – Lindsey Hobin, Cranston West
55 – Lauren Boyd, Smithfield
300 – Sadie Souls, North Kingstown
600 – Caroline Cummings, La Salle
1000 – Caroline Jankowich, Classical
1500 – Rylee Shunney, East Greenwich
3000 – Reese Fahys, East Greenwich
4x200 Relay – Cranston West (Madison Alves, Lindsey Hobin, Quiana Pezza, Ailani Sutherland)
4x400 Relay – La Salle (Madeline Reynolds, Jordan Tequis, Catherine Clements, Caroline Cummings)
4x800 Relay – Cumberland (Olivia Belt, Grace Carr, Bailee Brown, Elizabeth Pickering)

Third Team
High Jump – Margaret Weeden, Chariho
Long Jump – Jackie Comeau, La Salle
Weight Throw – Hayley Chartier, Lincoln
Shot Put – Sarah Ortes, Classical
55 Hurdles – Meghan Lehane, Portsmouth
55 – Sadie Souls, North Kingstown
300 – Tess Gagliano, Barrington
600 – Natasha Gorriaran, Moses Brown
1000 – Lily Borin, La Salle
1500 – Kaylie Armitage, La Salle
3000 – Rachael Mongeau, St. Raphael
4x200 Relay – Barrington (Courtney Brady, Tess Gagliano, Violet Gagliano, Sophia Ford)
4x400 Relay – East Greenwich (Kendall Stearns, Rylee Shunney, Jessica Martin, Reese Fahys)
4x800 Relay – Barrington (Riley Curran, Kyle Keough, Olivia Johnson, Lindsay Turgeon)

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