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Boys Tennis Singles Champions


1936- Robert Low
1937- William Gillespie

1941- Jerry Dwyer
(Portsmouth Priory, Now Portsmouth Abbey)
1942- George Taylor (East Providence)

1946- Ralph Carson (St. George’s)

1949- Jack Corcoran (Rogers)

1952- Walter Hackett (Pawtucket East, Now Tolman)
1953- Walter Hackett (Pawtucket East)
1955- Jeff Winicour (Classical)
1956- Leo Connerton (La Salle)

1957- Jack DeVereaux (La Salle)
1958- Gerry Dupont (La Salle)
1960- Herbert Kaufman
(Cranston, Now Cranston East)
1962- Frank Durao
(Pawtucket West)
Frank Durao (Pawtucket West)
1964- Bruce Kiernan (Pawtucket West)
1965- Joe Cavanagh
(Cranston East) JR
1966- Joe Cavanagh (Cranston East) SR
1967- John Bennett (Cranston East)
1968- Bruce Werchadlo
1969- Charlie Einsiedler (Pilgrim) SO
1970- Charlie Einsiedler (Pilgrim) JR
1971- Charlie Einsiedler (Pilgrim) SR
1972- John Voikos (La Salle)
1973- Hal Gorman (East Providence)
1974- Hal Gorman (East Providence)
1975- Hal Gorman (East Providence)
1976- Andy Chase (Cumberland)
1977- Andy Chase (Cumberland)
1978- Gary Gorman (East Providence)
1979- Bruce Phillips (Cranston West) JR
1980- Bruce Phillips (Cranston West) SR
Sedgwick Gray (East Providence) SR
1982- Gordie Ernst (Hendricken) FR
1983- Gordie Ernst (Cranston East) SO
1984- Gordie Ernst (Cranston East) JR
1985- Gordie Ernst (Cranston East) SR
1986- Dave Capobianco (Hendricken)
1987- Dave Capobianco (Hendricken)
1988- Tom Evans (Lincoln)
1989- James Robles (Barrington)
1990- James Robles (Barrington)
1991- James Robles (Barrington)
1992- Aaron Berman (Portsmouth)
1993- Alex Howard (Wheeler) SO
1994- Alex Howard (Wheeler) JR
1995- Alex Howard (Wheeler) SR
1996- Jamie Gresh (Barrington)
1997- Jamie Gresh (Barrington)
1998- Jamie Gresh (Barrington)
1999- Justin Singer (South Kingstown) SR
2000- Andy Singer (South Kingstown) FR
2001- Andy Singer (South Kingstown) SO
2002- Mark Santucci (Ponaganset) SR
2003- Andy Singer (South Kingstown) SR
2004- Jared Dorfman (La Salle) JR
2005- Kevin Shaughnessy (South Kingstown) JR
2006- Jeff Cote (Warwick Vets) SR
2007- Kyle Burke (South Kingstown) SO
2008- Kyle Burke (South Kingstown) JR
2009- Kyle Burke (South Kingstown) SR
2010- Jesse Frieder (Wheeler) SR
2011- Matt Kuhar (Smithfield) FR
2012- Jared Donaldson (Ponaganset) FR

2013- Matt Kuhar (Smithfield) JR
2014- Matt Kuhar (Smithfield) SR
2015- Zach Johnson (East Greenwich) JR
2016- Jason Scanlon (Barrington) SR
2017- Nick Fontecha (Central) JR

2018- Max Schmidhauser (Classical) SO
2019- Max Schmidhauser (Classical) JR

2020- Season cancelled due to virus



Special thanks to Henry Coleman, Charlie Einsiedler, Sedge Gray, Ric Gresh, and Bruce Phillips for contributing to this list




FR = Individual champion was a Freshman

SO = Individual champion was a Sophomore

JR = Individual champion was a Junior

SR = Individual champion was a Senior




  • Unsure when RIIL first began crowning Boys Singles Champions (earliest known is 1936)

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