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1971-72 Cumberland (1)
1972-73 Warren (1)
1973-74 & 1974-75 there were Eastern and Western Sectional Tournaments but they were geographically constructed and not based on team strength
1976-77 Burrillville

1977-78 Warren
1978-79 Middletown
1979-80 Middletown
1980-81 Warren
1981-82 East Greenwich
1984-85 Johnston
1985-86 Ponaganset
1986-87 Hope
1988-89 Ponaganset & Smithfield
1989-90 North Providence
1990-91 Cranston East
1991-92 Cranston East
1992-93 Pilgrim
1993-94 North Providence
Cranston West

1996-97 Johnston
1997-98 Johnston
1998-99 Johnston
1999-00 South Kingstown or Westerly
2001-02 La Salle
2002-03 Exeter/West Greenwich
2003-04 South Kingstown
2004-05 Middletown
2005-06 Narragansett
2006-07 Westerly
2007-08 Westerly
2008-09 Narragansett
2009-10 Mt. Hope
2010-11 Cancelled due to limited participation

2011-12 Exeter/West Greenwich
2012-13 Exeter/West Greenwich
2013-14 Exeter/West Greenwich
2014-15 Chariho

2015-16 to 2021 there were no Division II or III tournaments
2021-22 Lincoln



Special thanks to Eli Garcia, Rob Lee, and Rich Torti for contributing to this list



  • Sectionals/Dual Meet tournaments that represent a Division II championship (i.e. second tier of teams in the state competing in a tournament that is seperate from the State meet) are no longer held
  • 1971-72 through 1981-82 the Suburban Division Sectionals was a postseason tournament that involved the second tier of teams in the state prior to the State meet (it was not held in 1973-74 and 1974-75)
  • 1982-83 through 1987-88 the Central Division Sectionals contained the second tier of teams in the state
  • 1988-89 and 1989-90 the Suburban Division Secitonals contained the second tier of teams in the state
  • From 1990-91 until 2003-04 the B Sectionals contained the second tier of teams in the state
  • 2004-05 renamed to Division II Sectionals
  • 2014-15 called Division II Dual Meet tournament
  • 2015-16 to 2021 there were no Division II or III tournament
  • 2021-22 on: Division II / III combined Sectionals tournament
  • Numbers in parentheses are the number of championships that school won in this division

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