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Boys Cross Country State Meet Individual Champions


1946- Louis Lepry (La Salle)
1947- Conrad Tetrault (La Salle)
1948- Rocco Negris (North Providence)
1949- Bill Newman (Hope)
1950- Tom Croasdale (East Providence)
1951- Bob Allen (East Providence)
1952- James Corrigan (La Salle)
1953- Bill Hanlon (La Salle)
1954- Ray St. Vincent (Barrington)
1955- Manuel Rocha (Hope)
1956- Tony Iasa (Barrington)
1957- Mike Dundin (La Salle)
1958- Tony Marionetti (La Salle)
1959- Tony Marionetti (La Salle)
1960- Lee Daneker (Cranston East)
1961- Harvey Franklin (Hope)
1962- Harvey Franklin (Hope)
1963- Tom Foley (North Kingstown)
1964- Tony Masi (La Salle)
1965- Tony Masi (La Salle)
1966- Dick McLaughlin (Cumberland)
1967- Bill DeFusco (Mt. Pleasant) SR
1968- Hollie Walton (Hope)
1969- George Ferreira (Rhode Island School for the Deaf)
1970- Pete Mazzei (Mt. Pleasant)
1971- Willie Walton (Hope)
1972- Gary Hague (Cranston West)
1973- Mike Murphy (Middletown)
1974- John Murphy (Portsmouth Abbey)
1975- John Murphy (Portsmouth Abbey)
1976- Charlie Doherty (La Salle)
1977- Charlie Doherty (La Salle)
1978- Darren Rojas (Hendricken)
1979- Steve Parker (Hendricken)
1980- Paul Haupt (Rogers)
1981- Glenn Walsh (Cumberland)
1982- Waldo Manning (Hendricken)
1983- John Duggan (South Kingstown) SO
1984- Mike Pieroni (Rogers)
1985- John Duggan (South Kingstown) SR
1986- Walter Smith (East Providence)
1987- John Hines (Toll Gate)
1988- Neal Butler (St. Raphael)
1989- Wayne Newsom (Hope)
1990- Scott Palumbo (St. Raphael)
1991- Dan Cicchelli (North Kingstown) JR
1992- Dan Cicchelli (North Kingstown) SR
1993- Jamey Vetelino (Westerly)
1994- Scott Goff (Barrington)
1995- Jay Champi (Cumberland) SO
1996- Brian Norton (North Kingstown) SR
1997- Jay Champi (Cumberland) SR
1998- Jerry Bonner (Cumberland) SO
1999- Jim Cyre (Tolman)
2000- Ryan McConnell (Hendricken) SR
2001- Garrett Vaslet (St. Raphael) SR
2002- David Murphy (Hendricken) SR
2003- Adam Moitoso (Hendricken) SR
2004- Tom Webb (Barrington) JR
2005- Tom Webb (Hendricken) SR
2006- Andrew Palumbo (Hendricken) SR
2007- Bronson Venable (Hendricken) SR
2008- Andrew Springer (Westerly) SR
2009- Jake Sienko (Hendricken) SR
2010- Bob Allen (Cranston West) SR
2011- Mike Marsella (Chariho)
2012- Trevor Crawley (Cumberland)
2013- Colin Tierney (Hendricken)
2014- D.J. Principe (La Salle)
2015- D.J. Principe (La Salle)
2016- D.J. Principe (La Salle)
2017- Jeff Pederson (East Greenwich)
2018- Joseph dosReis (La Salle)
2019- Luke Henseler (Hendricken)
2020- Jack McLoughlin (La Salle)
2021- Devan Kipyego (St. Raphael) JR



Thanks to Norm Bouthillier for contributing to this list



FR = Individual champion was a Freshman

SO = Individual champion was a Sophomore

JR = Individual champion was a Junior

SR = Individual champion was a Senior

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