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Medium Schools Girls Indoor Track Champions


2001-02 Westerly (1)
2002-03 Westerly (2)
2003-04 La Salle (1)
2004-05 Westerly (3)
2005-06 Westerly (4)
2006-07 Westerly (5)
2007-08 Classical (1)
2008-09 Barrington (1)
2009-10 Barrington (2)
2010-11 Barrington (3)
2011-12 Toll Gate (1)
2012-13 Barrington (4)
2013-14 Pilgrim (1)
2014-15 Toll Gate (2)
2015-16 Pilgrim (2)
2016-17 Portsmouth (1)
2017-18 Barrington (5)
2018-19 Barrington (6)
2019-20 Barrington (7)
2021 Barrington (8)

2021-22 South Kingstown (1)
2022-23 West Warwick (1)




  • Numbers in parentheses are the number of championships that school won in this division

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