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Girls Cross Country State Meet Individual Champions


1972- Laurie Figureid (Warren)
1973- Laurie Figureid
1974- Sherry Murphy
(South Kingstown)
1975- Ann Sullivan
(Bay View)
Joanne Choiniere (Cumberland)
1977- Joanne Choiniere
1978- Karen Murphy (South Kingstown)
1979- Karen Murphy (South Kingstown)
1980- Nancy Krolewski (Coventry) FR
1981- Karen St. Pierre (Woonsocket)
1982- Nancy Krolewski (Coventry) JR
1983- Nancy Krolewski (Coventry) SR
1984- Ruth O'Hara (Rogers)
1985- Karolyn Walsh (Rogers)
1986- Karolyn Walsh (Rogers)
1987- Barbara Raymond (Rogers) SR
1988- Kerry Brothers (Cumberland)
1989- Kerry Clark (Barrington)
1990- Krysten Addison (St. Raphael) SR
1991- Kari Vigerstol (Lincoln) FR
1992- Jessica McGarty (South Kingstown) SO
1993- Emily Selvidio (Westerly) SO
1994- Kim Schifino (East Providence)
1995- Rosie Woodford
(South Kingstown) FR
1996- Laura Turner (Portsmouth)
1997- Laura Turner (Portsmouth)
1998- Rosie Woodford (South Kingstown) SR
1999- Meredith Crocker (South Kingstown) JR
2000- Lindsay Vieria (North Kingstown) JR
2001- Lindsay Vieria (North Kingstown) SR
2002- Nicole Millette (East Greenwich) SR
2003- Audrey Hawkins (Barrington) JR
2004- Samantha Gawrych (Westerly) JR
2005- Samantha Gawrych (Westerly) SR
2006- Jean Christensen (La Salle) SO
2007- Jeanne Mack (La Salle) SR
2008- Jenna Riley (Coventry) SR
2009- Molly Keating (La Salle) SO
2010- Molly Keating (La Salle) JR
2011- Molly Keating (La Salle) SR
2012- Emma McMillan (Barrington) FR
2013- Emma McMillan (Barrington) SO
2014- Emma McMillan (Barrington) JR
2015- Ellie Lawler (South Kingstown) SO
2016- Ellie Lawler (South Kingstown) JR
2017- Ellie Lawler (South Kingstown) SR
2018- Elizabeth Sullivan (Portsmouth) SR
2019- Kaylie Armitage (La Salle) JR
2020- Reese Fahys (East Greenwich)
2021- Reese Fahys (East Greenwich) JR
2022- Sophia Gorriaran (Moses Brown) SR
2023- Rory Sullivan (St. Raphael) SR




FR = Individual champion was a Freshman

SO = Individual champion was a Sophomore

JR = Individual champion was a Junior

SR = Individual champion was a Senior

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