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Girls Tennis Doubles Champions


1986- Kerry Flaherty & Nariri Kushigian (Toll Gate)
1987- Maribeth Colton & Mercedes McAndrew (Lincoln School)
1988- Kerry Flanhan & Hope McAndrew (Lincoln School)
1989- Lauren Stellies & Missy Pennachia (Lincoln School)
1990- Lauren Stellies & Geema Shetty (Lincoln School)
1991- Amy Koch & Beth Rafanelli (Toll Gate)
1992- Jennifer Jillson & Missy Meo (North Smithfield)
1993- Lauren Harig & Amy Reardon (Mount St. Charles)
1994- Lisa Silver & Niki Shah-Hosseini (Moses Brown)
1995- Rachel Karns & Kin Chan (Wheeler)
1996- Conway & Kin Chan (Wheeler)
1999- Kristen Lorello & Kate Sadler (Moses Brown)
2000- Kate Zinno & Karla Ruggieri (Bay View)
2001- Amanda Haxton & Onastazia Deluca (Bay View)
2002- Sarah Marsh & Christa Shonney (Cumberland)
2003- Krysta Martin & Hillary Siner (Lincoln School)
2004- Elise Dufour & Maddy Malloy (Bay View)
2005- Kate McCabe & Colleen Penkala (La Salle)
2006- Amy Mulvena & Ashley Pleau (La Salle)
2007- Marissa Bertorelli & Nicole Greco (La Salle)
2008- Victoria Babcock & Andrea Clark (Bay View)
2009- Victoria Babcock & Victoria Azar (Bay View)
2010- Andrea Clark & Brianna Pelletier (Bay View)
2011- Jamie Pine & Hayley Lough (Lincoln School)
2012- Natalie Pitocco & Annie Venditti (La Salle)
2013- Lucia Bolibruch & Grace Callahan (North Kingstown)
2014- Liz Healy & Haley Pollack (La Salle)
2015- Allison Paul & Haley Pollack (La Salle)
2016- Lee Lange & Sarah Turchetta (East Greenwich)
2017- Hannah O'Brien & Mollie Maggiacomo (La Salle)
2018- Hannah O'Brien & Anya Chowdhry (La Salle)




  • Unsure when RIIL first began crowning Girls Singles Champions (Earliest known is 1985)

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