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Regular Season

  • There are four weeks of regular season play beginning in late April
  • The top two teams in each division automatically qualify for the State Championship


Divisional Playoffs

  • Divisional playoffs (Central, East, North, South, West) are held during the second to last week in May
  • In each division, the No. 3, 4, and 5 teams face each other with the winner in each Division qualifying for the State Championship (if there are two or more teams tied for the 5th spot, all particpate in the divisional playoff)


Team & Individual State Championship

  • Team and Individual Championships are decided during a two day event on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week of May 30-June 5
  • Each team has six players (plus the top 26 players from teams that did not qualify for the State tournament) that compete but only the top four count towards the team scores
  • The top 3 teams after Tuesday's 18 holes (as well as any other teams within 20 strokes of the lead) play an additional 18 holes on Wednesday with the team champion being the team with the best overall 36 hole score
  • The top 20 individuals after Tuesday's 18 holes (as well as all other individuals within 10 strokes of the leader) play an additional 18 holes on Wednesday with the individual champion being the one with the best overall 36 hole score


Girls Individual Championships

  • Girls Individual State Championship is decided on the Monday after the state championship during an 18 hole event



    New England Individual Championship

  • New England Boys and Girls Individual Championships are decided on the second Monday after the RI State Individual Championship (no team scoring)

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